“ Stand tall and reach for your goals "

"Tutika, toro atu ki te kapuhipuhi o te kahikatea.”


We get together with the other rural schools in our region to compete in swimming sports, cross country and athletics.  We then send those students who perform well on to the Bush Schools events.


School Donation: We no longer ask for a school donation.

Junior Technology: $50.00 per year each child, year 7 & 8’s

 (total cost is $100.00 but the school BOT pays the remainder )


Mangatainoka School takes an active part in the Friday after school sports organised for the local cluster schools.  Term 1—touch rugby, Term 2—indoor hockey, Netball (held on Thursday afternoons) Term 3—indoor basketball / mini-ball.  Netball is historically held on a Thursday after school, and we normally have a junior and a senior team entered—if we do not have enough for our own team we join in with another small school in the Bush area.


We operate both of these great initiatives at Mangatainoka School.

Weetbix and milk are available on school mornings, finishing at 8:45am  We need parent helpers, so please let us know if you can lend a hand.

Kidscan is a wonderful national organization and provide us with jackets for every student. There is also food, shoes and socks and other items available.  Please let the office know if your child requires anything.

Parent/Teacher Time

We have official teacher interviews once per year, normally towards the end of term 1—beginning of term 2.

We believe that communication between our students home and school is paramount to their educational, and emotional success.  

We encourage parents to call in as often as possible to discuss their child's learning. 


School starts 9.00am  

Playtime 10.50am—11.20am

Lunchtime 1.00pm—1.30pm

School finishes 3.00pm

School Office is open from 8:30 until 1:30


We have our own school pool which has been recently upgraded and all children go swimming every day when the weather permits for the first 5 weeks of term 1.  Families (school and local community) may hire a key for the pool for the summer swimming season.  ALL KEYS NEED TO BE RETURNED BY THE END OF TERM 1 EACH YEAR.


In 2010 we introduced teams into the school.  All students are divided between the 4 teams Kereru, Piwakawaka (Fantails), Huia, and Karearea (New Zealand Falcons).  

Children do activities in teams as well as being able to earn team points for making good choices in their work and play.

We use team experiences to promote positive relationships between students of all ages and to encourage our young people to support others.


It is expected that all Mangatainoka School students wear the school uniform. Our uniform consists of a school polo shirt, a school jacket and school track pants or plain black bottoms eg. shorts, skort, tights, or trackpants. 

In winter the pupils may wear a black skivvy or thermal underneath their polo tops.  A plain black fleece top when very cold is also appropriate.

Sweatshirts/warm tops may have hoods and minimal print/graphics.

Concerns and Complaints Process

Concerns and Complaints Process.pdf