Mangatainoka School has an all inclusive pet day celebration every year.

Every year our students have an opportunity to enter a calf or lamb that they have been raising and nuturing at home

Students may also enter other pets they wish to show.  We strongly consider the safety and comfort of all the pets brought to school and insists all dogs wear muzzles for the day.

What unique pets will we see this year?

We also do classic kiwi competitions in the classrooms  such as flower plates, baking, and fruit people.

Mark it on your calendar, as our tamariki love to see their  families and neighbours enjoy their involvement on this classic rural kiwi kid day!

Mangatainoka Schools Pet Day is a day the whole family can get involved in. Whether its mum and dad entering competitions or younger siblings bringing their own lamb and calf - there is plenty of fun to go around.

Supporting our school at Pet Day is as easy as buying a decorated cake at auction or shouting the family some morning tea. Enjoy a sausage sizzle while you check out the art your tamariki have created for the day.

Mangatainoka School Pet Day

Email our office to find out dates